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Sewer Inspection

 It’s all downhill from here.
(At least it should be.)




a video


of your lateral

sewer line

Sewer Inspection

  • Sewer Scope $250

    Detailed video report of your lateral sewer line from where it exits your home to where it meets up with the sewer main out in your street. This lateral line inspection does not include your home’s plumbing systems or drain lines.

  • Toilet Reset Add-On $50

    When access is not available from roof or clean-out, access is gained by removing a toilet, which we then reset. Includes wax ring replacement and recaulking.

  • Inspection Bundle $50 off

    $50 off if performed as part of a home inspection and/or a mold inspection.

What's a lateral sewer line?

Why does slope matter?

 Proper slope enables the liquids to transport the solids to the sewer main.

What else could happen?